Thursday, May 6, 2021

Being GOD - the BECOMING - Part II

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                     Ah Yeah by KRS One 

So do y'all get it yet? Idk about what you know but some say that the Blak Man is GOD! However thoughin my way of seeing it, being that WE can't CREATE, little GODS by ourselves, I must say that those who would bear US OUR little GODS must at least SHARE in the DISTINCTION making it so that, when WE LEVEL UP, the BLAK FAMILY as a whole is GOD! Remember, the 1st REAL HOLY TRINITY is still represented by the ANKH which says that the bottom half is the RA with a stiff one ERECTING*, the HOLE atop that is the PORTAL that little RA & RALETTES comes thru & that the middle aka the CROSS are the many CHILDREN that come forth as a result! Though I know that there are other explanations for the ANKH, for now let's concentrate on that 1 as it is quite apropos. In other words, every GOD must have came from same unless you are some nigga named Jesus who by the way, has a navel in every pic I've ever seen of him. Every GOD has a navel telling US what? Get yo mind together because here at goodcheeba, the MENTALSPIRITUAL meet up to get at y'all sensory perceptions! God Black/Black God by Murs & 9th Wonder 

So.....for quite some time now, I & many others who similarly do what I do have been telling y'all that the only way to FREE US is for US to WAKE UP & by gum, some of US are actually doing it! As the US political system implodes into itself, know that there are INTERGALACTIC MEETINGS at a high level & the word is that the earth must be restored to what it once was! Being that WE were the 1st, this means that the earth must be ran off of a system called MA'AT which is just a fancy way of saying the NATURAL ORDER of things.........& as the primary function of a GOD is to create, look at what an Afrikan God just created; That there is Tesla level stuff & yooooo.....this dude is just in secondary school. Look; anyone could be GOD in that WE all have the ability to create with the lower chakra's aka, the ROOT CHAKRA or in the CROWN of your HEAD where your HIGHER SELF is. Please take note that GOD is GO(O)D & that the DEVIL LIVED! Also know that WE will be here FOREVER! Now.......let's get back to GODHOOD! 

Maybe......just maybe his name is Anu. Or......Flaveus or.....whatever your name is as long as ya have ample MELANIN! It has also been said that WE live forever & that before WE'RE born, that WE pick our parents & so, whatever happens on this earthly realm is OUR fault but WE have/had to go thru all of this as it's OUR mission! Ya know, a sorta BAPTISM by FIRE but WE'RE built for it! Why do you think they call US CHOSEN 1's? Chosen 1's go thru the most & still come out on top! So regardless of ya circumstances, what are ya MANIFESTING? I ask this because the RESTORATION MANDATE comes from way up above & will be stopped by NOTHING! As should be, at that time, myself & others like US will have to teach y'all what MA'AT is all about & to those who wish to go their own way, join those who will not be allowed to remain around US anymore. WE got some HEALING to do y'all & all WE need is US! Y'all think because you CHOSE to work at your JOB that it ain't SLAVERY? If that's true, why can't a whole lotta these businesses get any of their former employees who are on UNEMPLOYMENT back to work?

       My Flag/Da Homies by the Game

So in going back to Part I, ye are GODS & in order to really get this, ya must be CHOSEN! WE are in a GREAT TRANSITION as overseen by the GALACTIC FEDERATION & to those ahead of the curve, WE salute you as you are probably already a GOD! Don't let the GREAT RESET fool ya as the SHOW plays on but in fact, look at the flags now in the White House! All EVIL will soon be outta here yo! Everything on GOD's LAND will soon be restored & y'all better get ready because 98% of y'all just ain't! Get those downloads that go along with being GOD! Peace GOD! Peace GODDESS! Peace PRINCE & PRINCESS! Peace GOD! 

* the true definition of RA's ERECTION

Monday, May 3, 2021

Being GOD!

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         I See God In You by India.Arie 

As things get down to the WIRE, those who have been CHOSEN continue to build & just know that building is as much PHYSICAL as it is SPIRITUAL & as it is MENTAL! Ya must know that before 1 brick is made & laid, that the building had to be conceptualized! Before ya know it, ya have a neighborhood, a town, a city & on & on til WE attain a UNIVERSE. WHO, or better yet, WHAT is GOD? Like LOVE, could it be a many splendored thing that has a different definition to all defining such? If that's the case, how did they become the end all be all to this definition on down to it's IMAGE? Let's go in a little further. Kanye Explaining "I Am a God" from Yeezus

So.....the 5% Nation of the Gods & Earths say that the Black Man in his TRUE & LIVING SELF is God but didn't the b.i.b.l.e say same? If I'm not mistaken, it said "let US make MAN in OUR OWN IMAGE?" If God was the 1st & WE as MELANIN BEINGS were the 1st here on earth, why is OUR God not acknowledged? Could MA'AT be over stood as God? If God is a title, would it be fitting that to some, the DEVIL is God? Why would a God who CREATED US be jealous? Didn't God say WE had FREE WILL? If there's only 1 God, why are there so many different religions? If WE created the HEAVENS & the EARTH, where were WE living before said CREATION? Which group of people have been defined as having a GOD COMPLEX? Just as Kanye & others have said, I too am a GOD & after reading this, if ya beg to differ it is of no matter to Me & the other GODS on the strength of BECAUSE I SAID SO! Change ya definition or get lost in the sauce! 7 WOMEN to 1 MAN PROPHESY - WE are in that DAY by A GATHERING in JORDAN

Before y'all polygyny HATERS sound off on how you could NEVER be in a poly relationship, the main crux of this article is about the GODS & GODDESSES! In being about that, know that the ultimate purpose of a GOD is to CREATE! Remember, the RESURECTION just means RA's ERECTION! Regardless of WHO or WHAT ya are, I am a GOD! If not, why am I a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL? Why do I get undue attention? Why do I SHINE unlike you? Wasn't Jesus a MAN? Has MAN been God or vice versa? Or just maybe.....could the Black Woman be GOD? If only a BM & BW could make a Blak Baby, wouldn't that Baby be a Prince/Princess God? What do you know about your HIGHER SELF? To these respective people, is God white/asian/arab or indianI would think that for it to look like them would be perfect sense but Me personally; Idk & so figure it out yourself. AnywayI'm God because the same GODS that gave INSPIRATION to those that got them made in OUR IMAGE told Me I was........I will be as they said as it's my DUTY LEGACY as WE are PURE COSMIC ENERGY! The CHOSEN know what I speak of as the rest of y'all are DIFFERENT! What if God was 1 of Us by Alanis Morissette 

So how to get there? Go thru EVERYTHING & still come out on top. WE all have a STORY! You'll know that you're there when ya can't sleep after 3AM even when you were dog tired before going to bed! That there is the proverbial veil getting lifted. The rewards are SPIRITUAL DOWNLOADS that mean you'll live FOREVER as ENERGY! The time is nigh for US all to meet OUR SOUL FAMILY as TRUE FREEDOM beckons! I am GOD & never forget it! 

Friday, April 30, 2021

It's Just about Over!

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…the Q Team is done with their Takedown of the Cabal and virtually all of the mopping up has been completed as well… what is left, however, is the Declas… and this is proving for them to be very difficult as they do not want to cause panic and rash decisions… slowly as they can do it, to help as many of the deniers as possible…

[GE] “People often say, why not just jolt the sheep awake. The wakeup process is very serious and delicate. You are dealing with some big serious lies that will be uncovered… all of this being downloaded all at once. People would be in padded rooms or cliff jumping.

“It’s coming out drip by drip. Nothing at this point can stop it. You may not understand the process, but you’ll end up respecting and appreciating it greatly. The battle is won already, this is Operation Wakeup.

“Decades of brainwashing is slowly being unwound.”


Read this post from GhostEzra carefully and know this…the Q Team is done with their Takedown of the Cabal and virtually all of the mopping up has been completed as well…what is left, however, is the Declas…and this is proving for them to be very difficult as they do not want to cause panic and rash decisions…there is no way for them to prevent huge despair in all those that laughed at President Trump and the Anon Movement…they have powerfully made their own beds and now they must lay in them…

Mop Wit It by Boosie Badazz & MO3 

But they are being cautious nonetheless…so, realize, that we are ALREADY within the Great Reveal of Truth, it is happening, NOW, it is just that it is happening as slowly as they can do it, to help as many of the deniers as possible…

So, RELAX, and know that this battle is over and that with the reveal must come NESARA, to give all those despondent souls some HOPE to cling to and some strength to carry on with…oh, and get ready, because once all of the Truth about the rigged Arizona Election comes out, there is going to be a LINE UP of States filing similar suits…


Here is GhostEzra’s article from today…note the inclusion of WWII…that’s a very big umbrella, and everything is going to come to the surface…Everything!

“People often say, why not just jolt the sheep awake. The wakeup process is very serious and delicate. You are dealing with some big serious lies that will be uncovered. NASA, CIA, Disney, WWII, 911, Antarctica, the Vatican, Mockingbird Mossad Media, DUMBS, Central Banks, the Fed, the Synagogue of Satan, Black Triangles, the earth, Royal Blood lines, Frazzeldrip, Vril, Adrenochrome, and so much more.

“Now imagine all this being downloaded all at once. People would be in padded rooms or cliff jumping. Yes, even conservatives who don’t wear masks fall into this category.

“This has to be unwound delicately for your own sanity. It’s coming out drip by drip. Nothing at this point can stop it.

“You may not understand the process, but you’ll end up respecting and appreciating it greatly. The battle is won already, this is Operation Wakeup.

“Pay attention to everything, but don’t let anything consume you. Everything matters, and is connected in some fashion.

You can’t tell people, you must show them. Decades of brainwashing is slowly being unwound.“


This piece in case ya wanna know was written by Charlie Freak & to a degree, goes into how I see it. Ya see, the stuff too many of y'all ain't seeing must be researched, dissected, chewed up, digested with the bones spit out before ya weigh in. That's why y'all got Me  here & when ya read the above account, it has to give ya HOPE or......ya just don't know. Just keep looking for the curve while that fastball sails past the plate yet again! Y'all are like WtF while I'm all........WATEVA! It's Just About Over!

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Unique Perspectives from Bruh Blak Smith!

*   A Unique Perspective from our Bruh, Blak Smith!

Slow down Amigo.......before ya go in, just know that this here video goes DEEP into the heart of the rabbit hole & so don't just be going in all willy nilly! These 2 up here interviewing Me are some of the REALEST NYC ever had doing it as they ask all of the right questions & as I know both of 'em personally, I can honestly say that WE just barely scratched the surface. Like everything about US, Hip Hop shall be redeemed as WE get restored to OUR GLORY but ya can't be a Bitchazniga before WE get there! As this 1 is over 2 hours long & covers so much, allow yaselves to get into the RANTING of a LUNATIC as Thorough Black Talk Radio straight outta Brooklyn NY holds US all the way down in the process! 

                                                                 - to be continued SOON! - 

* If ya like what I had to say, the title pic of the above book I wrote utterly EXPOSES just how the entertainment industry works as it focuses on Hip Hop. As it was published in 2014, it does not cover anything 2021 but has a lot to say about those who WE think run things now. To order go to could just Cashap Me as $FlaveusJones. If ya do that, do so INBOX ONLY on FB & I can get ya the book in 2-3 weeks. Thanks for ya support. Peace. 

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

The GOD is YOU

Oh here come Flaveus Jones bringing US this b.i.b.l.e shit after years of dissing it but the point must be made.......Idk about y'all but I am a GOD & so that y'all don't get offended, I won't call y'all 1 but if ya beLIEve in that book, didn't it say

By the way, this ain't going out to y'all PORK EATING, cigarette smoking & dissing ya people because of DISAGREEMENT people.....Idc who disagrees.....this 1 is for the CHOSEN only! 

Shit is about to CHANGE y'all & to those of y'all who got that INFECTION........I feel for ya as WE'VE told y'all for some time not to TRUST those who would have ya filled with FEAR! For now though, get into how the 1 & ONLY MASTER TEACHER, Bobby Hemmitt let's US know what it really is with no filter! If ya new to this dude, get ready to reorient ya mind or just straight out HATE him & just know that this ain't for the weak of heart!    


I am not  5% but I do subscribe to the BLACK FAMILY in OUR HIGHER SELVES as GOD's! 

* as taken from  by Heavens Healers 

Monday, April 26, 2021

Meet the MYSTIC POET aka Nkwngr

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Hey y'all, what's up? This is Flaveus & today, instead of going in on heavy stuff, I bring to y'all the varied ART the MYSTIC POET & good Brother, Nkwngr as he completes his scholarly works. As his could be defined as performance art, I'll post up varied posts he's sent Me over the last few months & let y'all get a taste of just how he do! Stay vigilant while ya at it because WE'RE soon to move into some more real stuff. Enjoy & get back at US here at goodcheeba. Peace. Nature’s Vibratory WordArt!

Young Gifted & Black is the Same When You’re Older!

For the young gifted & black, the pattern of attacks doesn’t change when you get older. Many who are older, have slipped through the cracks of time to be alive in this new age of lies. Many got killed with a gun, drugs or knife, while some are in a prison for life. Everybody got to do their hustling & in that process some never made it past 18 because the reality of the world that we’re living is full of evil shit no matter which way the wind is blowing. To the young gifted & black, watch your back for the one you call bestie. They will always have their own agendas. Ergo, caution must be used at all times, even when in a relaxed mode. Young Gifted & Black by Big Daddy Kane

Hey you young gifted & black, by now you know that the age of pale supremacy racism didn’t end with the emancipation proclamation! It was all a stage show from the get go & once the curtains finally drew down, new scenes were scripted into the narratives of black lives. In these new scenes, a gunman fearing for his life would repeatedly kill an unarmed black person. The prison system of pale supremacy is a penal incorporation continuing the evil slavery days. Academic racism is under the paradigm of inquisitive knowledge, thus learning from their evil corporate educational programming which causes error codes to enter one’s brain-computer.

Being young gifted & black may at times seem like a challenge when you’re of age. Even so, you must learn how to pace yourself as you go. The evil of this world will not disappear anytime soon. For the wars are not over, and your battle is about to really get heated. Everyday there is another sad story of one who was young gifted and black passing away and not in a pleasant way. As some are in a fight over what is black & what is not, they are blind to the bigger picture of  faces on the currency WE spend & who’s ideal of freedom that they are living by. Oh, my young gifted divinely black ones, life’s roads are hard.

Even when you’ve done your best or beyond your best, there’ll be times when you'll feel utterly depressed. From the depth within your insides, pick thyself up with smiles and then remember in the pathways of life, many will do their best seeking to stop you from achieving your goals. Nonetheless, only you can truly stop yourself! Being young gifted & black is an envious existence! Indeed it is and it becomes more so when you get older. Now, when you’ve lived past a certain age, it only means you’re good at masking your presence from the seductive destructive influence of the permeating evil. Always be vigilant going out because as the globe spins, for some ending a mortal life brings rewarding treats. Being young gifted and black or older gifted and black matters not in a world fearful of blacks. Continue to do you!    

Ne Plus Ultra! P3 Play!

Saturday, April 24, 2021

When Black people VIBRATE higher, WE can save the WORLD

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Dr. Masaru Emoto is credited with discovering how thoughts, words and feelings can influence the crystal structure of water and cells. In his 2004 New York Times bestseller, the Hidden Messages in Water, Emoto made the world curious about the vibration and frequencies of our thoughts, feelings and words, when he showed that water exposed to different energies could develop different crystalline structures on the microscopic level.

Whether we were paying attention or not, most of us learned about Planck’s constant in high school science class. Science says every living thing is made up of atoms and water, which appears solid. That matter is in a constant state of motion, which equates to energy. Everything is energy, which is just another term for frequency. Therefore, everything has a frequency. And quantum mechanics has proven that even your thoughts, words and feelings, have a frequency.

It is custom in our culture and Black people are always aware of these “vibes” because we can feel them especially when different people and energies enter a room. Some people call it the “sixth sense,” or “survival skill.” Others call it the “spirit of discernment.”

Dr. Andrew Newberg, a neuroscientist at Thomas Jefferson University, and Mark Robert Waldman, a communications expert state in their book, Words Can Change Your Brain, “a single word has the power to influence the expression of genes that regulate physical and emotional stress.” Poparatzi by Musiq Soulchild

This is why it is so important Black people check their own energy, and that we seek peace and harmony in our daily routines. It is important we nurture positive, kind and inspirational thoughts, words and feelings; because these create the energy fields around us and affect others.

In the emotional frequency chart developed by Abraham Hicks, every feeling is charted and assigned a frequency. Low or negative emotions disturb the body at its atomic level because of its low vibrational frequency. Low vibration feelings include anger, jealousy, sadness, resentment and guilt. Over time, these feelings cause imbalances and diseases because low vibration changes the way the body functions at a hormonal and immunological level.

So, if you ever discover that you are vibrating at a low level, think about incorporating the following:

1. Print a copy of the emotional guidance scale, and learn how to stay on team “high-frequency vibes.”
2. Meditate.
3. Keep a daily gratitude journal.
4. Learn about and use essential oils and incense to lift moods. Drink herbal tea.
5. Do something you enjoy, especially if you enjoy nature and water.
6. Create an environment for yourself and your loved ones that is filled with positive messages, inspiration, kindness and love. Heal past wounds and trauma.
7. Feed your body healthy organic food. Fresh living food has a frequency.
8. Listen to music that makes you feel good.
9. Explore vibrational therapy; try Reiki, a sound bath or crystal healing.
10. Volunteer and help others* 


Thru life & in going thru certain situations, I can attest to what was written above wholeheartedly!  Though I hate to continue referring to it, this is why y'all out there need not get that JAB because it's something other than a FASCINE! The very label that comes attached says that it's EXPERIMENTAL! It was made so that ya don't vibrate to that GOD STATE! As the FACT SHEET covering all this is available online & instead of thinking that it's written for only doctors to over stand, I provided the link of 7 pages because I really love y'all! If ya sitting on the fence, I would advise ya not do it or at least........inform yaself. I'm out! 

Being GOD - the BECOMING - Part II

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